“Word Crimes and Email Blunders”

Little things make a big difference in whether your writing will be received and responded to as you intend. This session will explore the top “word crimes” writers commit (and how to fix them!) and how to write email that will be easy to understand and hard to ignore.

“The Good, the Bad, and the Persuasive”

Think about the messages you write at work. You are likely tasked with delivering a mix of positive (or, at least, neutral!), negative (yes, we all have to write these!), and persuasive (pretty please!) messages in the course of your work week. This session will explore the most effective ways to write each of these types of messages . . . and by “effective,” we mean “getting the response you want”!

“The Power of a Polished Message”

A polished message is powerful. Whether you are communicating with customers, clients, volunteers, or co-workers, your message makes a difference in your company’s success. This session explores what a polished message is (and what it isn’t!), examines common pitfalls to polished messaging, challenges you to evaluate your current messages, and offers tips for making your message more powerful.

I am also willing to discuss customizing a training session to fit your organization’s needs. Please contact me at

“The Lakes Area Leadership Academy has established a great working relationship with Amy. Our session that she conducts each year on written communication continues to be a class favorite. She motivates great class discussion, as her presentations are very educational and delightfully creative.” ~Shelly Vorhaben, coordinator, Lakes Area Leadership Academy at Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce – Branson, Missouri

“After hearing Amy present at a community event, a fellow board member recommended having her speak to our group, CoxHealth Young Professionals, and we’re so thankful that their paths crossed! Amy’s presentation on grammar and email etiquette could not have been more timely. With every new topic, you could see more and more “light bulbs” turning on in peoples’ minds. Amy’s presentation was engaging, funny, and relevant. In an organization where most of our communication is done via email, our members walked away with tangible ways that they could immediately improve themselves.” ~Brett Stiles, organizational effectiveness coordinator, human resources at Cox Health – Springfield, Missouri

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