Each project is as unique as you are.  Before starting any work, I will take time to listen to your specific needs, challenges, and goals to assist you in determining which services are right for your project.

  • Editorial Services – If you have already written your _________ (book, article, brochure or web copy, strategic plan, employee manual, project implementation plan, resume, letter, grant, press release . . . you get the idea!), then these services may be for you.

Polish editorial services ensure that your writing is technically correct, has effective structure, and achieves the desired impact.  These services range from basic proofreading to comprehensive doctoring.

  • Writing Services – If you have something important to put into words, these services may be a good option for you.

Polish writing services help move great ideas from your head onto the page.  These services range from helping you organize your thoughts to actually doing the writing for you . . . and everything in between!

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