Living Still

6 Jul

So, I mentioned in my last post that I had been up to one other thing this spring.  So, here it is . . .

Over the last year, I have written several posts about Abby Lewis’s book, Blossoming out of the Valley.  This project is near and dear to my heart for lots of reasons (which I blogged about here, and again here!), and both Abby and I have been blessed to see the impact that this book has made on people’s lives.

A few months ago, Abby decided to re-release this book under a new title, Living Still, which she believes better communicates the central message of the book – learning to live the life God has planned for each of us through the practice of “stillness” before God.  Or, in other words, “living still.”

We took the opportunity to update the book to emphasize further the many blessings of “living still” and added some additional personal testimonies that we hope will encourage and inspire you.

I am honored to have Abby Lewis as my guest writer today.  Welcome, Abby!

Warning:  Drought Conditions . . . Danger Ahead?

During my walk the other morning, I saw that most of the yards I passed were dying.  There was no color left in the grass or flowers and the leaves on the trees were beginning to turn.  Yet a few houses down, I saw a yard vibrant and alive, full of color and beauty.  It is obvious why one yard is thriving and why the other one isn’t, right?   We all know the answer to that.  One has been nurtured, fed and watered, causing it to thrive while the other one has not, causing it to dry up and begin to die.

I love nature and it breaks my heart to see everything dying during this drought, to see the life and color just fade out of God’s beautiful creation.  But there is something that breaks my heart even more….people in a spiritual drought.

I look around and see exactly what I saw during my walk the other morning.  I see some people thriving, full of joy, peace and love and then I turn around and see others who are stressed, bitter, full of anxiety, depressed, angry and so much more.  I would guess that the ones who are thriving are choosing to spend time with God while the other ones aren’t.  The ones who are full of joy are choosing to feed themselves daily with the word of God while the other ones are listening to their own wisdom.  The ones who are full of peace are choosing to seek the heart of God in the midst of their circumstances while the other ones are relying on themselves to figure it all out.

It breaks my heart so much to see this because 10 years ago I was there.  I experienced what life was like when a person chooses to live far away from God, when a person chooses to live in a spiritual drought.   I was only twenty-four years old, but I was in complete chaos.  I suffered from extreme anxiety, control issues, depression and numerous addictions.  My marriage was falling apart, as were my relationships with my entire family.  My thoughts and words were filled with negativity and lies, and I had accumulated major credit card debt.  As my problems piled up, they began to manifest physically through severe neck and back pain, as well as numbness in my left arm and left side of my face.  I had no love for myself, no joy, no peace and no happiness. My entire life was in complete and utter chaos.

So how did I come out of all of this?  How did I begin to thrive and be so full of life?  How did I become peaceful and joyful?  How did I get out of the spiritual drought I was in?  It really is very simple.  I chose to spend focused time with God each day, and in the midst of it, I learned the practice of “living still.”

What is living still?  Living still is not adopting a life of inactivity or solitude; rather, it is choosing to live in tune with the voice of God in the midst of the inevitable noise around us.  Living still is recognizing that without God, we cannot experience the fullness of life. It is choosing to trust God more than we trust ourselves. Living still is learning to rest in God’s perfect love for us. It is taking the time to listen to His still, small voice with the expectation that He will lovingly guide us, one step at a time, toward freedom. The practice of living still works. Learning to live this way delivered me from the pit and continues to transform my life each day.  And, I am confident that living still can change your life too.

Read Abby Lewis’ powerful, life changing story, in her new book Living Still.

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Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10


Abby Lewis has a degree in Health and Wellness and her massage therapy license. She is the author of Living Still and producer of A Breath~in Stillness.  Her life’s work is to passionately encourage others to experience transformation of spirit, mind and body by learning to practice “living still.”  In January of 2006 Abby opened her own business called Healing Naturally. To learn more about Abby visit her website at

Wow . . . It’s Been a While!

3 Jul

I absolutely cannot believe that it has been three months since I’ve posted!

I will offer no excuses.

But, I will tell you what I’ve been up to . . .

  1. This winter, I did some editing for an very talented young author, who has begun work on a series of fantasy novels (well known novels in this genre are Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and C. S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia).  I am continually amazed by her creativity and am so glad that she decided to add that Minor in Creative Writing to her college coursework!  Click here to learn a little (or a lot!) about the fantasy genre.
  2. This spring, I have been working with a local non-profit called Ozark Mountain Legacy on their awareness campaign (letters, press releases, etc).  This organization is all about encouraging people to intentionally preserve and pass on the positive values of our community, which I think is a pretty important thing.  Working with them has prompted me to evaluate whether there is a consistency between what I claim are my personal and family values and how I live . . . a good exercise for all of us, in my humble opinion 🙂  I’m looking forward to all that they have planned in the next year!
  3. I have been editing for a doctoral student who is pursuing a Doctor of Christian Ministry.  Though some close to me think that editing a dissertation would be worse than poking your eye out, I must say that I am thoroughly enjoying it!  It helps that I have a real interest in her topic and that I have a pretty deep humanities background (liberal arts majors unite! whoever said that we couldn’t be put to good use?!).  I am looking forward to working with her during her next two years of study.
  4. This summer, I have again taken over the The Track Family Fun Park’s blog . . . this year, they are calling it the “Mom Blog,” which is a good description since I am a mom who blogs.  Click here for a little taste of my writing antics.  I’m having fun with it – enjoy!
  5. And, there is one more thing that consumed some of my time this spring . . . but you will have to wait until later this week to find out what it is!

There you have it.  I have been blessed beyond measure with work I enjoy.  You can’t ask for much more than that!

The Other Side . . .

29 Mar

So, what I didn’t show you in my last post was “the other side” . . . of my office, that is.

Are you ready?  Here it is:

Yes, that is a very comfortable queen size bed.

Remember that proud exclamation of productivity I recently made in my last post?  Well, this might be my nemesis.  Only time will tell.

If I am able to overcome this temptation that awaits behind my desk chair, you will surely hear about it.  If not, I’ll probably ignore the fact that I actually thought it was an amusing idea to let you in on “the other side.”

Stay tuned.

A Bit of Updating . . .

27 Mar

It has been much too long since I’ve updated the ole’ blog.

In my defense, I have not been sitting around eating bonbons (though the temptation certainly exists!).  I have been attending to the normal demands of life (certainly you all can relate to that) and have been enjoying my work with several clients (more about those projects another time).

I have also been doing a much-more-than-usual amount of traveling.  This translates, for me, into “one step away from the loony bin.”   Not pretty.

In short, these past few weeks can best be described as a total whirlwind . . . and as I write that, I realize that I’m not just using “whirlwind” in its figurative form.  Nope.  We very literally had a tornado blow through our town a few weeks ago.

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured (which is nothing short of a miracle!).  Personally, our home was not touched, and though one of my husband’s business locations was severely damaged, we are choosing to respond with gratitude.  We have started the process of “updating” that property – doesn’t that put a positive spin on it?!

And in that same spirit, I chose to spend a good part of my kids’ Spring Break doing a little updating myself . . .

My new (and much improved) workspace!

Now, don’t get me wrong . . . my previous workspace was just fine.  However, I think my family was getting a little tired of me using the chairs in our kitchen sitting area as filing cabinets.

This is for you, fam!!

Well, let’s be honest . . . not entirely for you.  I must say that having a designated (and very stylish, if I do say so myself) workspace has been very nice for me too!

I mean, really.  How could you not be productive in a workspace like that?!

(Dirty) Little Secret

8 Feb

So, what is my dirty little secret?

Well, this probably won’t surprise you if you had a chance to read my last post.  The secret is that sometimes I need a little help . . . even a little help with the very thing that I seem to be (mostly) good at.  Yes, sometimes I need a little grammar help.  And, I’m not one bit ashamed of it!

Believe me, I’m not writing this post just to expose my short-comings (that, after all, could be career-suicide!).  I am writing this post to introduce you to a friend of mine . . .


This is “Grammar Girl,” the queen of “quick and dirty tips for better writing.”  She resides right here where she is always available to me . . . and to you!

The fact is that most of us find ourselves in a word quandary every now and then (I promise that you have been in one even if you don’t realize that you have been!).

So, the next time you can’t remember if you need to “compliment” or “complement” me for such a great tip, you can pay her a visit and find out!  I’ll be waiting 🙂



19 Jan

Today I had an experience that made me laugh . . . not in an “Oh, that’s so funny” kind of way, but in a “My, that’s so ironic” kind of way.

I (along with droves of other unassuming parents) got to participate in a game of “Are you Smarter than a 6th Grader?” at my daughter’s Honor Roll Assembly.  Now before you feel too sorry for me, let me clarify that this wasn’t me alone against the 6th graders.  Instead, this was a group of kids (collectively) against a group of parents (collectively).  Whew.

The categories were what you might expect in a game like this – Science, Math, Social Studies, English, Language and Reading.  As we sat in the bleachers waiting our turn, it was fun to watch the other parents interact with the game.  Some were making playfully defensive comments like, “This just proves that you learn a lot of stuff and NEVER have to use it EVER again!”  Others were taking the low-expectation route saying, “I’m pretty sure I won’t know any of these!”

And then there was me.

I thought to myself, “I’ll probably do OK on the Math questions; I might be able to guess some of the Science and Social Studies; but, I will FOR SURE know all of the English, Language and Reading questions.”

They do say that pride comes before a fall.

When the Language category was chosen by the group, I received a few “You got this!” glances from parents around me.  I waited confidently for the question . . .

“What part of speech gives additional information about a noun in a sentence?” (or something like that)

How easy . . . an adjective.


No, my friends, the answer they were looking for was an “appositive.”

I must confess that I couldn’t have defined the word “appositive” if my life depended on it.  But, I do know how to use one . . .

Amy, an editor who tries not to take herself so seriously, sincerely hopes you enjoyed this silly little post 🙂

Well, Would You Look at That!

13 Jan

I’ve been a little quiet on the ole’ blog these past couple of months, but I am now breaking my silence (which was simply caused by a little surgery, the holidays –  you know, minor distractions :-)).

So . . . what’s the news that makes me speak?  Well, in the past couple of months, my client, Abby Lewis, has received some very positive publicity and reviews for her book, Blossoming out of the Valley, that I would love to share with you!

  • The book was listed in the “Under Review – Also of Note” section of the Baylor Line alumni magazine.  And let me digress for a moment to say how proud I am to be a Baylor alum – congratulations to Heisman winner, RGIII!  OK, back to the book . . . Click here and go to page 51 to view!
  • Cherie Hill, best-selling author and #1 Book Reviewer for Thomas Nelson, as well as an avid reviewer for Zondervan, Amazon Vine, Bethany House, Tyndale, Waterbrook/Multanomah and Revell Books, had this to say about Blossoming out of the Valley:

5 Star Rating – A Treasure

“Abby Lewis is a woman after God’s own heart. With beautiful transparency, she walks you through her journey from darkness into Light. Blossoming out of the Valley is compassionate and compelling, as Ms. Lewis conveys the love God has for you, and the grace that is ready to be poured down into your life. The author takes you through “first steps” in learning to walk with God. The message within the book brings you to a place, at the foot of God’s throne, where there is complete transformation from the inside out . . . leading to healing for the body, mind, and spirit by learning to receive all that God has to offer. After reading this treasure, you’ll be more aware of God’s unconditional and unfailing love for you-you’ll learn to draw near to God, so that He might draw near to you.

As if the book were not enough of a blessing, Lewis’ Cd, “A Breath in Stillness” is absolutely remarkable. I didn’t expect to experience such peace and calm while listening to it. I was captivated by Lewis’ beautiful voice that sounded as if I were hearing from an angel sent straight out of heaven.

Lewis’ book and CD are treasures from Heaven and her sacrificial life is a blessing poured out to all of us.

Obviously, I HIGHLY recommend this book!”

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to take some time to read Blossoming out of the Valley by Abby Lewis . . . be inspired!

Our Stories

7 Nov

A couple of months ago, I wrote this post in which I explored the positive effects that writing has on my life (and can have on yours too!).

From time to time, I read a blog written by William Zinsser (you may recognize his name, as I quoted him at the end of the post I just referenced) entitled “Zinsser on Fridays” (  Recently, he discussed his thoughts about the importance of telling our stories through writing, not for the purpose of inciting any specific response in those who might read them, but as a way of recording the moments of life (both minute and monumental) that have helped shape us into who we are.

In fact, he holds that it is through the act of writing out those details of our lives that we discover what lies just underneath the statement of our facts . . . and what lies beneath is often profound, sometimes surprising, but always gives us greater insight into who we are.  It is discovering these sub-story themes that, when we’re open to their lessons, can move us.

Our emotions, our perspectives, our future choices . . . these can all be moved by the simple act of writing out the details of our lives.

Each of our stories is worth telling.

I encourage you to take a few moments to read William Zinsser’s posts entitled “Who Would Care About My Story?” and “Hold the Emotion!

Be inspired!


Parenting Peace

17 Oct

Well, it seems that the same day I wrote my last post in which I mentioned my work on Mark VanderLey’s workbook, Parenting Peace, he started his own blog called “Parenting Boys . . . Raising Men”  at

Be sure to check it out!

Mark has also announced on this blog the upcoming release of Parenting Peace as an e-workbook.  Since I’ve already seen the material within (there are perks to being the editor!), I can tell you that this workbook is a great resource for ALL parents, from those who are having serious struggles to those who simply want to fine-tune their relationships with their kids.

Congratulations, Mark!


13 Oct

When I started polish, I had no idea what projects (let’s be honest . . . if any projects) would come my way.

Today, as I reflect on the opportunities I’ve already had to work on a diverse (honestly, that is an understatement!) range of projects, I am energized, affirmed and excited about the future.  But, most of all, I am grateful.


I am grateful for the the beauty of working closely with others to reach their goals.  I am grateful for the chance to use my God-given gifts in a way that brings deep satisfaction and a sense of special purpose.  I am grateful for the friendships that have developed through this “work.”  I am grateful for the challenge.  I am grateful for the gift of learning new things.  I am grateful for the way I have been inspired in a unique way by each author I have worked with.

For the past few months, I have worked with my friend and licensed professional counselor, Mark VanderLey, on his workbook, Parenting Peace.

parenting peace

We certainly had our share of frustrating technical difficulties (I’m beginning to accept that this is the norm in this business!), but we also had some great triumphs . . . Mark experienced the joy of completing a project that was years in the making.  And, I got (paid) to learn how to be a better parent!

Truly, the material in Parenting Peace is a great reminder to me of the importance of intentionality in our roles as parents.  And, I must say that in a world where our schedules (or maybe our mis-placed priorities) can foster a tendency toward reactionary parenting (which inevitably leads to stress, misunderstandings and even hurt), we parents need to hear this message . . . over and over and over again.  Thank you, Mark, for your wisdom and insight.

Again, I say that I am grateful.