I have always loved the written word.  This passion drove me to pursue an English degree at Baylor University where I had ample opportunities (sometimes too ample!) to read and write.  I discovered that I not only had a passion for words, but also a knack for the strategic art of writing.

For over a decade, I have put my craft to work as a volunteer for a variety of individuals and organizations in Branson, Missouri.  I have had the privilege of serving in multiple capacities – writer, editor, consultant, sounding board, and strategic adviser – on a diverse range of projects.  But the ultimate goal of each project has always been the same . . . to help construct a written word that is clear, concise, and produces the intended impact.

I decided to make it official, and polish writing & editing services was born.  I am grateful that this “work” is something that I thoroughly enjoy (I really do get an “irrational kick” out of writing and editing!), and I look forward to the opportunity to work with others on their important projects.

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