“Life Work”

26 Apr

Life-is-a-not-path-quoteI’ve been thinking a lot lately about the course my life has taken, specifically in the area of work.  And recently, I have come to appreciate the meticulously chartered course that I have walked, realizing with great joy that each step – even those that seemed insignificant at the time – has prepared me for what has followed.

It is humbling.  It is exciting.  And, in some ways, it challenges me.

This spring, several opportunities have presented themselves to me.  In no case did I search or strive for them – they just came to be.  Honestly, it has been a bit overwhelming (in the good sense of the word).  But, as I’ve taken the time to reflect on them – and the experiences that have prepared me for them – I realize that they may just be the logical next steps in my work.  In many ways, I can see that they might just be new opportunities to expand my reach.

I am so thankful.  That is truly the only proper response.  But, I also approach these new opportunities with an even greater sense of responsibility.

With expanded reach comes more exposure.  And with more exposure comes more people.  And with more people comes the reminder that, really, our work – whatever it is – is people-centered.  Our “life work” is an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the people we reach.

Though it has been my current work circumstances that have inspired these “ponderings,” I am convinced that their implications translate into all aspects of life . . . am I living in an others’-centered way?

Do we make a positive difference in the lives of our spouses and children?  What about our friends?  What about the people around us who are hard to get along with?  What about the strangers we interact with in a store or restaurant?

I certainly do not have this figured out – not by a long shot.  But, I do want to be the kind of person – in my work and otherwise – who stays focused on the fact that the “business” we go about each day is simply the means by which we can make a real difference in the lives we touch.

I am thankful that this season of life has reminded me of just that.

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