(Dirty) Little Secret

8 Feb

So, what is my dirty little secret?

Well, this probably won’t surprise you if you had a chance to read my last post.  The secret is that sometimes I need a little help . . . even a little help with the very thing that I seem to be (mostly) good at.  Yes, sometimes I need a little grammar help.  And, I’m not one bit ashamed of it!

Believe me, I’m not writing this post just to expose my short-comings (that, after all, could be career-suicide!).  I am writing this post to introduce you to a friend of mine . . .


This is “Grammar Girl,” the queen of “quick and dirty tips for better writing.”  She resides right here where she is always available to me . . . and to you!

The fact is that most of us find ourselves in a word quandary every now and then (I promise that you have been in one even if you don’t realize that you have been!).

So, the next time you can’t remember if you need to “compliment” or “complement” me for such a great tip, you can pay her a visit and find out!  I’ll be waiting 🙂


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