Well, Would You Look at That!

13 Jan

I’ve been a little quiet on the ole’ blog these past couple of months, but I am now breaking my silence (which was simply caused by a little surgery, the holidays –  you know, minor distractions :-)).

So . . . what’s the news that makes me speak?  Well, in the past couple of months, my client, Abby Lewis, has received some very positive publicity and reviews for her book, Blossoming out of the Valley, that I would love to share with you!

  • The book was listed in the “Under Review – Also of Note” section of the Baylor Line alumni magazine.  And let me digress for a moment to say how proud I am to be a Baylor alum – congratulations to Heisman winner, RGIII!  OK, back to the book . . . Click here and go to page 51 to view!
  • Cherie Hill, best-selling author and #1 Book Reviewer for Thomas Nelson, as well as an avid reviewer for Zondervan, Amazon Vine, Bethany House, Tyndale, Waterbrook/Multanomah and Revell Books, had this to say about Blossoming out of the Valley:

5 Star Rating – A Treasure

“Abby Lewis is a woman after God’s own heart. With beautiful transparency, she walks you through her journey from darkness into Light. Blossoming out of the Valley is compassionate and compelling, as Ms. Lewis conveys the love God has for you, and the grace that is ready to be poured down into your life. The author takes you through “first steps” in learning to walk with God. The message within the book brings you to a place, at the foot of God’s throne, where there is complete transformation from the inside out . . . leading to healing for the body, mind, and spirit by learning to receive all that God has to offer. After reading this treasure, you’ll be more aware of God’s unconditional and unfailing love for you-you’ll learn to draw near to God, so that He might draw near to you.

As if the book were not enough of a blessing, Lewis’ Cd, “A Breath in Stillness” is absolutely remarkable. I didn’t expect to experience such peace and calm while listening to it. I was captivated by Lewis’ beautiful voice that sounded as if I were hearing from an angel sent straight out of heaven.

Lewis’ book and CD are treasures from Heaven and her sacrificial life is a blessing poured out to all of us.

Obviously, I HIGHLY recommend this book!”

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to take some time to read Blossoming out of the Valley by Abby Lewis . . . be inspired!

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