13 Oct

When I started polish, I had no idea what projects (let’s be honest . . . if any projects) would come my way.

Today, as I reflect on the opportunities I’ve already had to work on a diverse (honestly, that is an understatement!) range of projects, I am energized, affirmed and excited about the future.  But, most of all, I am grateful.


I am grateful for the the beauty of working closely with others to reach their goals.  I am grateful for the chance to use my God-given gifts in a way that brings deep satisfaction and a sense of special purpose.  I am grateful for the friendships that have developed through this “work.”  I am grateful for the challenge.  I am grateful for the gift of learning new things.  I am grateful for the way I have been inspired in a unique way by each author I have worked with.

For the past few months, I have worked with my friend and licensed professional counselor, Mark VanderLey, on his workbook, Parenting Peace.

parenting peace

We certainly had our share of frustrating technical difficulties (I’m beginning to accept that this is the norm in this business!), but we also had some great triumphs . . . Mark experienced the joy of completing a project that was years in the making.  And, I got (paid) to learn how to be a better parent!

Truly, the material in Parenting Peace is a great reminder to me of the importance of intentionality in our roles as parents.  And, I must say that in a world where our schedules (or maybe our mis-placed priorities) can foster a tendency toward reactionary parenting (which inevitably leads to stress, misunderstandings and even hurt), we parents need to hear this message . . . over and over and over again.  Thank you, Mark, for your wisdom and insight.

Again, I say that I am grateful.

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