Well, Did You Write?

27 Sep

I hope that since my last post, you’ve been inspired to put a pen to paper (or at least words to the screen) and do a little writing for yourself.  If so, I’d love to hear your thoughts about what the process of personal writing has been like for you – fun? difficult? freeing? depressing? clarifying? healing? enlightening?

Most likely, it has been a combination of several of these, or others.  My own personal writing can at the same time be both clarifying and painful, or both fun and enlightening . . . you get the idea.  But regardless of which combination of adjectives describe your writing process, I hope that you have discovered the great benefits of taking the time to write.

So, all of you writers (both new and seasoned!) out there, please share what writing has been like for you.  And if you haven’t already jumped on the writing band-wagon, consider this your note of encouragement 🙂

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