Blossoming out of the Valley

1 Jun

In my last post, I introduced my first “official” editorial project – Blossoming out of the Valley by Abby Lewis.  This book is very special to me for all the reasons I recounted earlier, but also because of its profound and inspiring message.  Working on it not only encouraged me professionally, but also personally.  It is my hope that you will take the time to read it and to let it impact your life.  Here’s a sneak peek:

Blossoming out of the Valley

Finding Peace and Stillness with God


Sometimes all it takes to change the course of our lives is a simple, quiet moment of stillness in the midst of our chaotic living. When we take time to practice stillness, we open ourselves to God’s loving presence and to His offer of strength, wisdom, clarity, direction and peace. It is from a still, quiet place that we discover the depth of God’s commitment to us and His desire to heal and restore us.

In moments of stillness, God gives us the courage to look beyond our problems, fears, pain and insecurities—our dark valleys—and empowers us to make real and lasting change. Whether we have one primary struggle, or many, there is always hope for greater freedom and deeper peace. In Blossoming out of the Valley, Abby Lewis shares her journey from the chaos of anxiety, depression, addiction, physical pain and broken personal relationships to a life full of the love and blessings of God.

Presented with clarity and compassion, Lewis recounts how her spirit, mind and body were completely transformed by learning to rest in the presence of God’s love. Her life’s journey inspires us to practice stillness before God so that we too can be renewed, finding the courage to identify the chaos of our own dark valleys and the strength to climb toward the freedom to be love and give love to those around us.

For more information, visit Abby’s website at  You can also order Blossoming out of the Valley from your favorite online book retailer.  Enjoy!

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